Jain Sangh of New Engalnd
223 Middlesex Turnpike,
Burlington. MA 01803

  Parking Guidelines

Please follow all parking guidelines provided below.

Please Do NOT Park on our neighbor BD Carpet building parking lots in the Front, Side and Back of the building as marked in RED in the map. They will tow your vehicle. We may use JSNE back parking lot for Tents for Food service, so DO NOT Park in the back of the Derasar.

You can park in one of the following designated areas

  • Front parking lot for JSNE derasar. Please DO NOT double park in the front area as we would like to keep that area open for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Back Parking lot of 215 Middlesex Turnpike
  • 16 A Street Goodway Parking Lot (please park in marked spaces only. Do not block entrance and loading docks). From JSNE Derasar, Head north on Middlesex Turnpike toward A St. Turn right onto A St. Destination will be on the left – Goodway Group parking Lot 16 A Street.

We recommend dropping off everyone in front of the building and parking in one of the designated areas listed above (marked green in the map).

See this map to get additional clarification.


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